Friday, 12 April 2013

Typical Italian

Good evening!

Yesterday, we arrived at Italy, more specific Rome, and it seems that it’s going to be a nice week! Wauw, such a lively, charming city!

I immediately took some pictures.

Between the two meetings today, we have been able to pick up a pinch of the culture and I would love sharing it with you! 

As expected, everyone here speaks Italian. Sometimes it’s difficult to communicate with a local because their English is very basic, but in the hotel they can express themselves good in English.
In Rome, where the Vatican City is located and of which the pope is the head, the official language is Latin. Fortunately, the majority also speaks Italian. 

This afternoon, we were invited to have lunch in the company where the meeting would take place. I really liked the meal! The Italian kitchen consists mainly of pasta with delicious tomatoes and olives, and I’m very fond of it. They served also pizza which is a speciality of the Italians.
A glass of wine and a coffee for dessert made the meal complete.
It was already two o’clock in the afternoon before we could start our meeting. Italians always take their time to have lunch and certainly to drink a coffee.

When we visited a church in the afternoon, a wedding took place at the same time. People told us that also baptisms and funeral services are held in a church because most of the Italians are Roman Catholic.
That’s also why Roman Catholicism has so much influence on the Italian culture. Just think about the colosseum and the many temples. I can’t wait to go visit them! 

In Italy, there is a ‘bella-figura’ culture. Everyone is always tidy dressed and participate consciously in the last fashion trends. Men mostly wear a suit with shoes which are perfect polished. The famous fashion city Milan is certainly an example to the Italian people.
Italian people are also so friendly! I’ve lost count of how many people have said “Buon giorno” to us.

Football is the main sport in Italy. In 1968, they even became world champion.
Italy is one of the best national teams in international football. The traditional colour of their football shirts is azure blue as you can see on the picture.

I really have a great time here in Italy! An agreeable Mediterranean climate, a long coastline, a beautiful romantic landscape and of course the delicious Italian kitchen, you don’t need more than that! 

Keep on following us!

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