Thursday, 18 April 2013

J'aime la France

Hello everyone!
It is me, Lauren. It is Thursday today. Yesterday, we arrived at France. I really love France because this is the country which I have visited the most since I was young. The reason I have come here so much is because of the mountains and hills; I really love the nature in France. We did not go to the French Riviera this time, which is the most popular beach area for tourists in France.
On our way from Italy to France, I looked up some information about the second largest country of Europe. With more than 50 million habitants, France has the fifth largest population in Europe.  
When you compare France to the other countries we have already visited, the most important difference is the division. France is not only divided in cities; it is divided into 21 regions. These regions are subdivided into 96 departments. This is further divided into 329 jurisdictions, further in 3,879 cantons and lastly into 6,568 communes.

This are the departments of France.

The most important places in France are: Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Lille and Bordeaux. Yesterday, we stayed one day in Paris. We felt the temperate climate of France so we decided to go and drink a glass of wine. Paris is the best producer of wine worldwide so we visited the highest rated bar in Paris: Le Baron Rouge. We talked a little with the owner of this pub. He said that France more industrialized than earlier. Important industry products which France produces are: cars, chemical products and fashion items. We visited the Eiffel Tower and the Cathedral of Notre Dame. These are both interesting tourist attractions. Célestine will write something about this as she loves Paris.
Yesterday, I took this picture while we were having dinner.
Today, we are about to visit Normandy. I am already looking forward to it because the sun is shining. This day will be the best day of the week.
The only thing I find a pity is that we are not going to visit Le Mont Blanc. This highest point in the Alps means ‘White Mountain’. It rises more than 4,500 metres high.   Later this week, my colleagues will post a blog about culture, buildings and economy.
Thank you for reading my blog post and I will hear you all very soon!

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  1. Lauren's title of her post is: J'aime la France! And I have to agree with Lauren, France is a beautiful country that offers everything: sea and beaches, mountains, cities, other attractions... When you are not convinced to travel to France, I am sure the nature will convince you! Our first day was in Paris, a beautiful city with many activities! Think about the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame etc. Le Baron Rouge, the bar where we drunk something, was a cosy, trendy bar but a little bit expensive. Now, it is one of the highest rated bars in Paris so we did not complain. The cocktails we ordered, were excellent! The second stop was in Normandy, a beautiful region. It was a little bit cold, so we had to wear warm clothes. After some pancakes and a coffee, we warmed up again. We could not go to the south of France, where it was hotter, because we did not have that much time. We could not climb the Mount Everest too, unfortunately. I definately want to come back to France because I already spent so many holidays here and I am still in love with this beautiful country!