Saturday, 6 April 2013

First impressions of Tunisia!

Hello, it is me again, Liesbeth! We arrived at Tunisia yesterday, at the national airport of Tunis and at the same time capital of Tunisia. I would have written you sooner, but we had a lot of delays. It was after midnight when we arrived at our hotel. My first impression: the people here are so friendly and helpful!
Today, it is going to be rainy, unfortunately. Lucky for us, we have a lot of activities planned today. In fact, I have to get ready but I wanted to share my experiences so far!

Did you know that the official name of Tunisia is actually the “Tunisian Republic”? No? Me neither! This country is the neighbouring country of Algeria and Libya. I enclosed a map, so that it is easier to visualize the country. Tunisia has a surface of 163.610 square kilometres and counts 1.6 million inhabitants. The population is not equally divided; there live a lot of people in the larger cities like Tunis and Sousse and less in the south.


I thought it would be nice and interesting to spend my time by doing a little research at the airport in Algeria. The climate in the north of Tunisia is hot; has mild, rainy winters and hot dry summers. In the south of the country, you can find a piece of the large Sahara from which we all know that it is hot during the day but very cold at night.

I was curious after the average daily temperatures in Tunis, since we stayed there. I could find a map where you can find some average temperatures during the year:

You see, it is always hotter in Tunisia than in the United Kingdom or Belgium for example. I would love to spend some months in Tunis during winter, walking around in my dress and sunglasses instead of walking around in my uggs and winter jacket!

And of course, I could not post my blog without giving you the weather forecast of this week! You can find it below:

We are expecting a thunderstorm today and some rain tomorrow, but after those two days it is going to be very sunny!

Be sure, when you go on holiday in Tunisia, visit the places that I am going to mention now.
Visit the cities Tunis, Sousse, Monastir, Hammamet  and Hurgada. Sousse is a city which has a harbour in the middle of the town centre. I heard from our taxi driver that it really is worth visiting! The other cities too, they each have their charm, beauty and activities!

I have one last fact to mention. Did you know that some famous movies like “Star Wars”, “Raiders of the lost Arc” and the “Gladiator” with Russel Crowe were filmed in some places in Tunisia? If we had more time, I would like to visit some of those places! But, unfortunately, we do not have much free time, just this weekend. I hope I could convince you to visit this beautiful country. And if not, I am sure that my colleagues can convince you! They are going to give you much more information about the culture, buildings and economy of this country.

 I will talk to you next week, when we are going to be in Greece!



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