Saturday, 6 April 2013

Tunisia, many places to visit!

Here I am again with news from Tunisia!

During the last three days, I discovered that Tunisia is a beautiful country! We visited some important places such as El Djem, Ez Zitouna, Dar Ben Abdallah, Ichkeul,.. Yes, really difficult names for European people like us! But I want to tell you something more about these buildings and places because what I have seen is really worth it!

El Djem is a small place in Tunisia and is well-known for the huge and well-preserved Roman amphitheatre. Did you know that the amphitheatre of El Djem is the biggest one of the African continent? When I saw the building, I agreed because it’s really huge!
Many tourist walk on the different floors of the huge construction. Normally, in the summer classical concerts are regularly held in the amphitheatre, but when the concert started when we were there, we had to go to our next meeting.

Our next meeting was near to the mosque Ez Zitouna. It’s the oldest mosque in Tunesia and it’s built around the year 700 after Christ.
Here you can see a picture I took during our visit. 

The mosque is located in the heart of the Medina. The medina of Tunis is the largest one of Tunisia and has been a Unesco World Heritage Site since 1979.The old medina was surrounded by walls, but today there are no walls anymore and the area is filled with narrow streets, souks, mosques and historic structures.
The atmosphere while walking around in the small streets is great! The main way is just an endless street of shop keepers trying to sell you souvenirs.

A nice cup of tea and trying to haggle in the bazaar makes an enjoyable day!

While you’re in Tunisia, you definitely have to make a trip to the Ichkeul lake. Enjoying the sun while sitting in a beautiful nature is perfect to relax from a busy day.

Ichkeul is a lake and national park in the north of Tunisia. It has an area of 12,000 hectares and covers a small mountain massif with several hot water sources.
The lake and the surrounding marshes constitute a crucial stop-over for many birds in winter.
In addition, there’s a small ecological museum, where you can obtain more information about the importance of this rich nature reserve and where they give some tips for hiking through this area.

We ended our last day in Tunisia by visiting the Port El Kantaoui. It’s a very touristic harbour with a lot of restaurants, bars and souvenier shops.

A glass of wine and a delicious meal was a perfect ending of our adventures in Tunisia and a perfect start to discover Greece!

Keep you posted!

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  1. This was one of my favorite destinations! The people were friendly, the weather was good... And indeed, there were so many places we could visit! Like Celestine said, the names were very difficult to pronounce! My favorite building was the amphitheatre. I was so sorry when the show started and we had to leave! The amphitheatre was still very intact and that is why it was so beautiful and attractive! The mosque Ez Zitouna was also a very impressive building! I had never seen a mosque so close! The Port El Kantaoui was a very cosy place. We drunk something while we talked about our experiences so far. I bought some souvenirs from Tunisia because I was charmed by the little shops we saw! The meal we ate there, in that port, was also delicious and was, like Celestine said, the perfect ending of our short stay in Tunisia. I definately want to come back, because we did not visit all of the beuatiful buildings and places here in Tunisia, and I want to discover more!