Thursday, 11 April 2013

Greece's geography

Here I am again. This week we have visited Greece and we pay attention to its geography.

Greece is located in Southern Europe, on the southern end of the Balkan Peninsula.
Greece’s neighbour countries are Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania on the north and Turkey on the south. 


The country is surrounded by the Ionian Sea in the west, by the Mediterranean Sea in the south and by the Aegean in the east.

80 % of Greece is mountainous and it is one of the most mountainous countries of Europe. Mount Olympus is the highest point of Greece, rising to 2,919 metres above sea level.

The country consists of a large mainland, the Peloponnese and a large number of islands, such as Crete, Rhodes, Corfu etc…  It has a total area of 131,940 square kilometres and a coastline that measures 15,021 kilometres.

Greece has a population of about 10,815,197 inhabitants and is divided into nine geographic regions. Each region has a different population and Central Greece has the largest one.

Greece is the place to be for tourists from all over the world. The tourists are fascinated by the historical buildings, but also by its history. Greece is the land where the gods and goddesses once walked on earth.

We have visited in Greece most of the important places, but we have not got the time to visit them al. This is our top ten list of historical sites:

Athens' National Archeological Museum
The Temple of Poseidon
The Island of Santorini
Mykonos Island
Epidaurus Theatre
Mycenae Fortress
Crete Island
Knossos Palace


We have visited four of them:


When you go to Greece you must visit the Acropolis. It is a historical site, where you can see the Temple of Athena, called the Panthenon. This place is always crowded so it is handy to visit it in the morning.


The Temple of Poseidon:

This name sounds familiar to me, I have heard about it in school in secondary education. We had to climb up the cliff top to see the temple. Once we had reached it, we could see the blue water of the Aegean see. There is even a restaurant especially for the visitors of the Temple of Poseidon.  



Here we have visited the Spianada where have made a nice walk as we strolled along the cafes.  We have also visited the fortresses that had protected Corfu from invaders and the Saint Spyridon Church.