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The economy of Germany

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Last  week, destination of our tour was Germany! We have had a lot of meetings in Germany but it was worth being there. Here is my travel-story regarding the German economy. Next week it is already our final destination and the time has really flown by. 

As we all known, Germany is a founding member of the EU and the country was one of the driving forces behind the Euro as currency.

2011 was a record-breaking year for the German economy. The country exported more than € 1 trillion goods, the highest figure in history.

Most of the country’s export goods are automobiles (BMW), chemicals, metals, computer and electronic products. Germany is also a leading producer of wind turbines and solar-power technology. 

The country is apparently worth visiting, it is ranked as the fifth most visited country in Europe. The majority of foreign tourists are coming from the Netherlands, the United States and Switzerland.

Germany is well known for its health tourism and its spa town. These towns are built at a hot spring which offers wellness by means of mineral water or other spa treatment.

It’s a pity we have nor the time neither the money to stay in a spa resort.


Winter sport, another wish ever to come true, is first class sport in Germany.

There is infrastructure for alpine skiing, snowboarding, bobsledding and cross-country skiing. 


Many towns and cities are hosting in December and January spherical Christmas markets.

In Germany, the states (Länder) are responsible for the education system, federal government has only a minor role.

Most German children only attend school in the morning. There are usually no lunch facilities. Isn’t that unfair?

As Germany has a dense population, is centrally located in Europe and has a developed economy, it has a modern transportation infrastructure.

Do you know that there is no speed limit in force at the German Autobahn network! It’s paradise for road-maniacs speeding on the highways.


Germany is a federal republic with the president as Head of State. The head of government is the Chancellor. The current president of the country is Joachim Gauk and Angela Merkel is the chancellor. 



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