Friday, 26 April 2013

Famous buildings in Germany

Hello travellers!

Another day, another country to discover! Monday evening, we arrived in Berlin - Germany - and right now, we are enjoying the lovely sun while drinking a glass of wine on the ‘Alexanderplatz’. It’s a square and traffic intersection in the eastern part of Berlin.
So many people around here to see the beautiful fountain that is located in the middle of this square.

Another famous tourist attraction on the ‘Alexanderplatz’ is the ‘Fernsehturm’. It’s a huge television tower with a restaurant at the top of the building that gives you a stunning view of the city Berlin.
Because it’s the highest building in the city, there are often long queues before you can go inside the tower.

Nearby this beautiful square, the Berlin Wall is located. This wall divided the city into an Eastern and Western part and was the main symbol of the Cold War.
The Berlin Wall was more than 45 km, but now you will only find a few remnants of the wall.
The most famous is the 1316 m long East Side Gallery containing 106 frescos. 






Because we will soon have another important meeting, we will have to explore the rest of this country tomorrow.

I definitely want to visit the ‘Berliner Dom’! I heard a lot about this beautiful cathedral that is one of the most important churches in Berlin.
During the Second World War, the Dom was heavily damaged, but a few years later they began a reconstruction. It took 17 years before the church was finished, a lot of work, isn’t it? 

The ‘Berliner Dom’ is open to visitors and the dome can be climbed, but I will leave this to other people :) You also can walk all the way around a gallery, which I really want to do, if there aren’t too many people who are waiting to go inside of course because we have again an interesting meeting at lunchtime.

What I would like to put on the agenda for tomorrow after lunch is to go visit the ‘Reichstag’ and the ‘Brandenburger Tor’.

The ‘Reichstag’ is the seat of the German Parliament and is one of the most historically significant buildings in Berlin. Actually, that’s what I heard on read about it, but in fact, I can only tell you that when I saw it myself.
The election of the German President took place there every 5 years.
The immense dome makes this building an important tourist attraction. This dome can be climbed by stairs on the inside, so you have a nice view over parts of Berlin.
Unfortunately, we will not be able to go inside because recently, they closed the famous glass dome to visitors as terror fears. I read an article about it.

Very nice, because this building is near the ‘Brandenburg Tor’ that I also want to see. So we will not lose time by taking a bus or other means of transportation.

The ‘Brandenburg Tor’ is the most important gate of Berlin and it’s the only one that has been preserved.
This monument was a former symbol of the divided city and has suffered terrible damage in World War II. Today, the building is considered as a symbol for the turbulent European history.


These famous places were just a few of the long list. It’s for sure, you will definitely not get bored here in Germany!

Actually, now I’m a bit sad, because when I stop writing this post our trip to Germany is almost over and that means we have to travel on to another country. The last country on our travelling route :(

You will probably don't want to miss it so keep reading!

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