Monday, 1 April 2013

Fist day @ Algeria

Hello everyone!
It is me, Lauren. It is Tuesday today and I am writing because we arrived at Algiers which is the capital of Algeria. I promised to keep you all updated so here I am!


We spent some time in the plane where I searched for facts about Algeria. I find it nice to learn something about the country before you actually get there.  
The second largest country in Africa has a population of more than 32,800,000 habitants. The area is larger than 2,300,000 square kilometres and that is why Algeria is the tenth largest country in the world!
Algeria’s landscape can be divided in sections where the habitants live. The Tell is a hilly and sub-coastal zone which includes the entire coastline. It is incredible busy here because ninety percent of the habitants live here. The Tell Atlas mountain range and the Saharan Atlas range are two other sections where people live but the biggest section is the Sahara Desert. This Desert covers more than eighty percent of the land of Algeria but it is almost inhabited. We experienced during our stop in Algiers that the mountainous areas of the Sahara Desert are fertile and that the south is diverse.
I knew a lot of things about I got from the plane and I was excited to experience more. Do you know that feeling when you get off the plane and you almost faint because of the heat? This was not the case. The weather was ideal because the sun was shining but it was not that hot. The weather forecast did not predict extraordinary weather but the weather was okay. We did not experience any rain. I was not expecting this because the territory of Algeria is dry. Did you know that certain sections of the Sahara Desert did not experience any rain over the last twenty years? On top of that, the temperature can increase by fifty-five degrees! Incredible, no?


I am already looking forward to learn more about Algeria’s buildings, economy and culture. Thank you for reading my blog post and I will hear you all very soon!

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