Sunday, 5 May 2013

The last chance to say goodbye

Good morning! 


Right now, I’m drinking a coffee in my hotel room before I go downstairs to take my breakfast. I wanted to keep you guys posted because after breakfast we have to leave to the airport - and this time we are going back home - and I think I don’t will have the time to inform you about our last trip if I don’t do it right now. 


I especially focused on the economy of Norway. I didn’t knew that the production of oil has so much influence on this country. In 1970 there was an oil boom and now this country is the seventh largest oil producer in the world.
The oil for the Norwegian coast, has made the country extremely rich. Norway is even one of the most prosperous countries in the world. 


The main export product is oil, of course, but also machines, paper, fish and chemical products are often exported.
Fish farming is a growing industry that is becoming increasingly important in Norway.

That's how they catch the fish

Norway is an important oil exporter but that isn’t the same for the food industry. Almost three quarters of Norway’s land is unproductive. The country imports over 50% of its food, which I think is a lot. Nevertheless, Norway doesn’t want to be dependent on foreign countries, so that’s why the farmers are heavily subsidized.
They do not only import foodstuff but also cars, ships, base materials,.. from Europe, neighbouring Scandinavian countries and the United States.

Like most of the people believe that Norway is a member of the European Union, isn’t true. So, we had to change again our money to the local currency. The currency of this country is the Norwegian Krone.
It looks like this:

There are many fjords here in Norway – which are really beautiful! - so most of the time you have to go with a ferry to get to the other side of the river. Although they built more and more tunnels and bridges, along the coast, the connections are often dependent on ferries.

Motorways are here in Norway quite rare. Most of the roads are bad because of the severe winters. The maximum speed is generally at 80 km per hour, crazy, isn’t? I heard it’s because of the nature and the danger that deer and sheep suddenly crosses the street. 
Yes, it was again an impressive country!
Unfortunately, our trip has become to an end but I would like to thank you for following our blog. I hope you can use our advice in the future when you will travel to one of this countries. Who knows? ;)  



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