Saturday, 4 May 2013

Norway: a country to discover

Hello everyone!
It is a lovely Saterday today so here I am for the last time to tell you something more about the most beautiful places and buildings we have been discovering in Norway. I cannot believe that our trip will come to an end because we are going home tomorrow… I have been having a great time with my colleagues and the time has really flown by. I really got to know Debra, Célestine and Liesbeth better and the meetings were not as stressful as in our hometown.
I will miss you too, guys. I have been writing you for more than a month now so you really became a part of the trip.
We arrived late on Monday and we immediately went to the hotel. The hotel we staid was designed by White Arkitekter. The hotel opened in 1990 so it is about twenty years old. In my opinion, the hotel we stayed was the most beautiful one of our trip. In my opinion, the most incredible part of the hotel was the two highest floors because there was a swimming pool and a sauna. The Oslo Plaza is with its 117 metres the tallest building in the centre of Oslo. We slept on the 10th floor but there are 37 floors. I took a photo by night. Isn’t it nice?

On Tuesday, we went to the most beautiful park of Oslo, the Vigeland Park. The Park is named after the creator of this public park, namely Gustav Vigeland. The Monolitten and the Sinnataggen are the reason why a lot of tourists visit this place. The Monolitten immediately took our attention because it is a rather high sculpture. When you come closer, you see that the sculpture contains several figures. Very beautiful, though!
When we walked a little bit further, we saw the Sinnataggen which is better known as the Angry Boy. This sculpture made me think of Manneke Pis in Brussels.
Another sculpture which took my attention was the following picture:

This really cached my eye because the embryo is standing in the middle of the park without any protection. In my opinion, this embryo shows the vulnerability of life.

I also took a picture of the Monolitten and the Sinnataggen:

The Monolitten
The Sinnataggen

On Wednesday, we arrived at the North Cape or should we say the home of the Midnight Sun? We still are here right now. We have been staying here the whole day because it took a long time to come here. This place is 2,200 kilometres far from Oslo city. Anyway, we really had to come here because this is the most popular travel destination of Norway. It is a 307 metres high cliff which refers to the northernmost point of Europe. We also went to a natural reservation to see more than 2 million seabirds. Célestine really loves animals so we went there to please her. Actually, I, Debra and Liesbeth find this also impressive to see. It really was nice to end our trip like this.

Once more, I really want to thank you all for following our blog. I hope you learnt something more about the geography, culture, economy and buildings and places.

Remember, there is never a right time to say goodbye.



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